Gulls Egg Vintage Chalk Paint No. 18
Gulls Egg Vintage Chalk Paint No. 18
Gulls Egg Vintage Chalk Paint No. 18
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Gulls Egg Vintage Chalk Paint No. 18

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Gotland Vintage Chalk Paint No. 30

A beautiful rich colour, the perfect shade to make a statement.


What is chalk paint?

Emulating the Butttermilk Paints of the 18th Century and perhaps now more commonly known as a chalk paint, it is packed with natural earth pigments. This eco-friendly VOC free (Volatile Organic Compounds) water-based product has over 46% chalk, one of the highest percentages in the industry. The true chalky, matt, breathable finish is just perfect for ageing and distressing furniture and can also be used on walls and floors.

How to use chalky paint

Apart from on walls, our Vintage Paint should be finished off with either our matt, flat Simply Varnish or our traditional Simply Wax. With excellent adhesion qualities, the paint can be applied directly to a previously painted or varnished surface, without the need for a primer, just give the piece a light sanding. If painting onto a waxed surface, do remove the wax first with Methylated Spirits or Sugar Soap or, if painting new pine, we suggest you stain it first with our Simply Stain. In both these cases, you need to seal with Simply Shellac to prevent knots or stains appearing at a later stage.