The Chateau Oriental Garden Collection

The Oriental Garden Collection 

Since Angel can remember she has loved the forms of Bamboo, maybe it’s because it’s so deeply rooted in Chinese culture as a symbol of virtue, or maybe because it just has a fantastic aesthetic. Dick Strawbridge, Her husband, were thrilled to discover a Bamboo plantation behind our walled garden, it had been planted by the original owners, the Baglione family, back in 1870s. Bamboo is strong and durable and would have originally been used as a resource for the garden. To this day, it continues to fulfil this purpose and they use it all the time! Allegedly, bamboo tends to prefer warm and moist tropical climates, but it thrives at the Chateau. It has stood the test of time, and for them that symbolises how they see our lives here, hopefully anchored for many years to come.